Dividend: There will be a crowd in the offer of the small cap company, the dividend will be looted

Dividend: This smallcap company is going to give strong dividend to the investors.

Dividend: There will be rush in the offer of small cap company, dividend will be looted

dividend will be strong

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New Delhi : Quarterly results of many companies (Quarterly Result) is being announced. Companies benefited as many companies benefited strongly (Benefit) allocation. Some companies distribute bonuses to investors (bonus share) Giving Some companies are giving face value gifts. But what investors love the most is the dividend. (Dividend) Many companies also insist on giving.

The company Morganite Crucible (India) Limited is not behind in benefiting the investors. The company has made strong earnings this year. Investors will get the benefit of this. The company has declared a dividend of Rs.9 per share.

Morganite Crucible (India) Limited has also announced record dividend payout date. The company has earned more profit than last year. The total share capital of this company is Rs 553.85 crore.

The company has declared dividend to the investors. On Thursday, the board of directors of the company has decided to pay a dividend of Rs 9 per share. The figures for this dividend distribution are staggering.

The company has announced the dividend distribution date. November 23, 2022 has been announced as the record date. A total of Rs 504 lakh will be distributed as dividend. The company has made preparations for this.

this company BSE listed above. The share price of this company is currently Rs 953.30. On Friday, the stock closed at Rs 953, down 1.10 per cent. The stock fell 2.84 per cent last week and 5.30 per cent in one year.

But if we look at the last five years, this stock has gained almost 100 per cent. The stock’s 52 week low was Rs.835 and its 52 week high was Rs.1220. The face value of this share is Rs 5 per share.

In the current financial year, the company posted total sales of Rs 38.85 crore in the second quarter. 36.58 Crore in the previous year quarter. That is, this company has gained 6.20 percent as compared to last year.

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