Digital Transaction: India’s world record in digital transaction! Ashwini Vaishnav says US UK Germany France behind India in digital transactions at WEF

Digital Transactions: In digital transactions, India has set this world record by beating the major superpowers of the world.

New Delhi : in digital transactions (digital transaction) India has created a world record. in UPI transaction (UPI) India has made its presence felt not only in the country but also in foreign countries. This innovative device gave a great boost to transactions in the country. The number of digital transactions has increased so much that India has left behind even advanced countries like America, Britain, Germany and France. It is claimed that Indian digital transaction speed is four times faster than these developed countries. India’s record was recorded at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (WEF) taken

Union Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav was asked about this in a session of the World Economic Forum. In December 2022, about $1,500 billion (Rs 1,21,753 billion) is expected to be exchanged through digital payment transactions in India.

This was compared to digital transactions of other countries. Differences were observed on the basis of data. The total digital payments made in the countries of US, UK, Germany and France were reviewed. Vaishnav claimed that India has four times more digital transactions than all these countries combined.

Ashwini Vaishnav has proposed to give India Stack to the whole world in the World Economic Forum. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi lived India Pile He appealed to accept.

Indian digital payments will not only be a life saver but also a catalyst for new companies in developing countries and developed economies as well. As the digital platform is based on an open source platform, it benefits everyone.

With this new mode of exchange, Indians can transact globally. They can send and receive money. India can provide digital solutions related to identity, data and payment stack.

In this UPI, Bharat QR, Aadhaar Pay, IMPS And eKYC There are many such digital apps included. Through this, a large number of transactions are done in India. Billions of transactions take place every day.

UPI transactions created a record in the month of December. UPI transactions created a new record of 782.9 crore digital payment transactions worth Rs 12.82 lakh crore in the month of December alone.

UPI is a real time payment system. It is used to transfer money from bank account to bank account instantly through mobile app. Through UPI you can link your bank account with UPI. You can also use multiple bank accounts through the UPI app.

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