Devanshi Sanghvi: 9-year-old Devanshi left her father’s property worth 300 crores! Who is 9-year-old Devanshi Sanghvi who left her father’s diamond business and became a monk

Devanshi Shanghvi: With her father’s wealth in crores, this girl chooses the path of spirituality when she is on the verge of death.

New Delhi : A girl took sannyas at just 9 years of age. You may be shocked to read this, but it is absolutely true. According to a Times of India report, one of the country’s biggest diamond merchants (Diamond Businessman) The girl accepted renunciation by kicking all the dry mantras. He separated himself from the worldly illusion. in the state of Gujarat (Gujarat) This girl bowed down to all the dry feet and took initiation to become a monk according to Jainism. This comes as a surprise to many. It is claimed that this girl has chosen her path because she has a spiritual inclination since childhood.

The girl’s name is Devanshi Sanghvi. She is a resident of Surat. His father is the owner of property worth crores. Devanshi’s father Dhanesh Shanghvi has an old diamond company. Dhanesh Sanghvi & Sons Company was founded by his father Mahesh Sanghvi.

This diamond company has many branches in the country and abroad. This company has a business of crores. Devanshi is his elder daughter. He will get the responsibility of the company in future. However, Devanshi renounced wealth and chose the spiritual path. Despite having assets worth crores, the Sanghvi family lives a very simple life.

Devanshi excelled in religious education. He won the gold medal in the quiz based on this. She is fluent in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Jarwadi and Gujarati languages. Apart from this, he has learned music, Bharatanatyam and yoga. According to the family’s claim, Devanshi has never seen TV till date.

On January 14, Devanshi left for Diksha. He took initiation into Jainism last Wednesday in the presence of 35000 thousand people. Devanshi, who lived like a princess, wore simple clothes. Remove the hair from the head.

4 elephants, 11 camels and 20 horses participated in this initiation program. According to the Times of India, Devanshi was interested in spirituality since childhood. She has also completed a 500 km walk.

She is the eldest daughter of country’s biggest diamond merchant Dhanesh Saghnavi. Dhanesh has two daughters. Dhanesh manages his ancestral diamond business. In 1981, Dhanesh started working in the firm founded by his father. This company has a business of crores. The heirs of this property are now retired.

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