Defense Stock | Stay in the stock market on ‘defense’ mode, within a year the rich will invest in these government stocks.. What do the experts say.. | Strong Outlook on Shares Stock touches all-time high check target and expected returns for outright buy of ICICI at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders

Defense Stock | In the stock market, investors have become rich from these shares of the defense sector. Hence, the stock is expected to remain bullish in the coming year.

Defense Stock |  Stay in the stock market on 'defense' mode, within a year these government stocks will get rich...

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Defense Stock | in the defense sector in the stock market (Defense Zone) Because of this stock investors (investor) The goods have been sold. Hence, the stock is expected to remain bullish in the coming year. This stock gives 30 percent return (return) Brokerage firms are predicting to deliver.

an equity research firm ICICI Direct Government Company Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders (Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders) Recommended to buy. The brokerage has fixed a target price of Rs 560 per share for 12 months.

Mazagon Dock stock touched its all-time high of Rs 457.40 on September 16, 2022. Although there has been a fall in the stock market, it has not affected the stock.

The stock had closed at Rs 432.30 in the last trading session of this week. The stock saw a rise of 3.32 percent today.

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders in 1934 (MDL) Was established. MDL builds warships and submarines for the Ministry of Defence. It does repair work. The market cap of this company is around Rs 8,711 crore.

a brokerage firm ICICI As per Direct’s forecast, the stock is likely to go up to Rs 560. This stock will see an increase of about 30 percent.

The company’s revenue CAGR is likely to be 18.2 percent in the next two years. In the last financial year FY19-22, this revenue was 7.5%. This is likely to increase further in the next financial year due to the changing policies of the government.

According to ICICI Direct, a provision of Rs 1.24 lakh crore has been kept for the purchase of defense products this year. Of this, Rs 84,598 crore (68 per cent) was used for the purchase of domestically produced weapons.

Emphasis is being laid on self-reliance in the defense sector. The security budget will increase in the next financial year. Mazagon Dockyard will get the benefit of this.

The company has orders worth Rs 43,343 crore as of August 2022. MDL is likely to get more orders for the Indian Navy in the coming years.

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(Note: Investment advice in this stock is given by brokerage houses. Investors should invest only after research, study and expert advice.)

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