Currency: Inflation has not spared Indian notes! Printing of Rs 10, 20, 50 notes became expensive.

Currency: Inflation has also hit Indian notes.

Currency: Inflation has not spared Indian notes!  Printing of Rs 10, 20, 50 notes became expensive.

Banknotes also suffer from inflation

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New Delhi : you’re in cash every day (cash) If you are dealing, do you know how much it costs to print these notes? (printing cost) does it come Central government for notes of 10, 20 or 50 rupees (Central Government) How much will it cost? this rising inflation (inflation) Will this affect the printing of notes? Has this cost increased due to inflation?

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) The notes are printed by Note Mudran Limited. Right to information According to the data received under FY22 The cost of a 10 rupee note was less than 1 rupee i.e. 95 paise.

So the cost of Rs 50 note is Rs 1.13. The Rs 100 note cost Rs 1.77, the Rs 200 note Rs 2.37 and the Rs 500 note Rs 2.29. Of course, the burden fell on the exchequer of the government.

in this financial year as compared to last year (FY22) The central government had to spend more to print the notes. This year, the price of Rs 50 note has increased by 23 per cent. That is, the cost of a 20 rupee note is only one paisa.

There has been no increase in the cost of printing Rs 500 notes. Overall, RBI has spent more than 24 per cent on printing notes as compared to last year. This has put a heavy burden on the exchequer of the government.

4012.09 crore was spent on note printing in the last financial year. But this year the expenditure has increased. The central government has to spend a huge amount for the purchase of notes. In this financial year (FY22), the central government incurred an expenditure of Rs 4984.8 crore.

In 2017, the central bank spent heavily during demonetisation. At that time RBI had to spend Rs 7965 crore. Before that, Rs 3421 crore was spent on printing the notes. During demonetisation the expenditure had increased by 133%.

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