Crypto: Stay away from the ruckus of crypto, investors’ mouth watered, the empire of crores collapsed ..

Crypto: Experts are currently advising to stay away from the cryptocurrency craze..but other currencies are performing strongly.

Crypto: Stay away from the ruckus of crypto, investors' mouth watered, the empire of crores collapsed ..

be careful while investing

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New Delhi : in the cryptocurrency market today (cryptocurrency market) Although there has been a huge boom, the question is how long this bubble will last. Due to FTX case within one week (FTX Case) A great lesson has been given to the investors. So this market is for investors (investor) It is more important how reliable it is than how profitable it is.

There are 8 currencies in the top 50 cryptos worldwide that have declined by more than 10 percent in the past week. The list includes Polkadot, Uniswap and Solana.

Crypto markets were trading up 4 percent on Wednesday. Virtual currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, BNB saw an increase of 5 per cent. So these investors feel comfortable against the backdrop of these developments.

The world’s most popular currency bitcoin saw an increase of about 5 percent today. That’s why today’s price of this currency has reached $16,480. Last week, bitcoin fell by 2.07 percent.

The price of Ethereum saw an increase of more than 6 percent. But it saw a decline of more than 7 per cent in a single week. BHB Finance saw a growth of 7 percent. The currency depreciated about 2 percent during the week.

Dogecoin is suset. This currency showed an increase of 8 percent. The currency is currently trading at $0.08137. But it registered a decline of about 9 per cent in a week.

Litecoin has made better returns than other currencies. Today this currency saw a gain of 28.32 percent. During the week, this currency saw a gain of 33.55 percent.

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The global cryptocurrency cap currently stands at $820.14 million. But for a few days this market was continuously declining. There was a decline of about one trillion dollars in this.

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