Crypto Price: Investors’ Life In The Pot! crypto market in good mood biggest crypto bitcoin price above 21000 usd ethereum firm up more than 1 percent check top 10 cryptocurrencies prices today

Crypto Price: Crypto currency has ignited investors after a long time.

New Delhi : in the crypto market (cryptocurrency) I have regained consciousness after a long time. Bitcoin is the largest crypto currency in the world (Bitcoin) Strong performance. Bitcoin continues to strengthen. The market share of crypto has crossed 41 percent. The bitcoin market has crossed the $21,000 mark. Bitcoin is up 1.74 percent right now. The current price of bitcoin is $21,165.28 (17.30 Lakh). So another cryptocurrency in Ethereum (ethereum) But there has been an increase of one per cent. Ethereum price is currently above $1500.

Tether in the top-10 cryptos by market capitalization (mortgage) Investors are disappointed. There is no change in the price of this crypto. Looking at the entire crypto market, it has seen a bull run in the last 24 hours. It is expected to increase further.

Global market cap has increased by 1.10 percent in the last 24 hours in crypto currency. This market has reached 98.96 thousand crore dollars (80.90 lakh crore rupees). BNB, USD Coin, XRP, Binance USD with Bitcoin and Ethereum. There has been a slight increase in coins like Cardano, Dodgecoin, Polygon.

Bitcoin has been going strong for seven days in a row. Bitcoin has climbed about 23 percent. Another currency of the market, Ethereum, has seen a strong growth of about 18 percent in a week. The last 24 hours have seen a drop in crypto exchanges.

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das last week (Shakti Kant Das on cryptocurrencies) He has given a big statement. He said that cryptocurrency is gambling. Das reiterated his call for a complete ban on cryptocurrencies.

The claim that cryptocurrencies have value is completely false. cryptocurrency is a gamble (Gambling) Apart from this he said that it is nothing else. He claimed that cryptocurrency is very dangerous. He had said that although the value of this currency is increasing, it is 100 per cent untrue.

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