Cognizant: Shivaji University student’s record, four times salary than billionaire Mukesh Ambani! Who is the new CEO of Cognizant, Ravi Kumar – Who is the CEO of Cognizant, Ravi Kumar, whose salary is 4 times more than that of Mukesh Ambani

Cognizant: You will be surprised to hear the salary of Shivaji University student Ravi Kumar

Cognizant: Shivaji University student's record, four times salary than billionaire Mukesh Ambani!  Who is Ravi Kumar, the new CEO of Cognizant?

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New Delhi : Cognizant, the world’s leading IT company (cognitive) The salary of the new CEO is staggering. His salary is four times more than billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani. Ravi Kumar has been appointed as the CEO of Cognizant. Earlier it was from Infosys (Infosys) Former CEO. The company appointed Ravi Kumar as the new CEO and board member. He will replace Brian Humphreys. Ravi Kumar was with Infosys for 20 years. In this new year, he took over as the CEO of Cognizant.

Ravi Kumar has close association with Shivaji University, Kolhapur. He obtained his engineering degree from the same university. He has done MBA from Xavier’s, Odisha. He has done this work as a scientist at Bhabha Atomic Research Center.

In such a situation, while assuming the responsibility of this new post, there is a discussion about his salary. He is well paid by Cognizant. Times of India has reported about this. Accordingly, Ravi Kumar will be working in Cognizant with bigger title and bigger salary.

Ravi Kumar’s salary is around 7 million dollars i.e. Rs 56,96,77,500 annually. So he will get $7500,000 as bonus. Cognizant will pay a base salary of $1 million to Ravi Kumar, which is approximately Rs 8,13,57,500.

So this journey of payment of allowances and benefits does not end here. He will be given a cash incentive of up to $2 million from the company. A lump sum amount of $5 million will be given for joining the job. This amount will be given as stock return in one year.

Apart from salary, the process of other benefits has not stopped yet. He will be paid $3 million as a PSU. So $750000 will be given as a sign in bonus. Apart from this, they will also get fringe benefits from the company.

Previous CEO Brian Humphreys was paid approximately $13.8 million by the company in 2020. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani) His salary in 2019-20 was Rs 15 crore. Ravi Kumar’s salary is four times more than him. But Ambani has not taken even a single rupee as salary in the last two years.

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Ravi Kumar will have to fulfill many responsibilities while being the CEO. He will have to focus on Cognizant’s in-demand solutions, strong brand and international expansion. He was successful in Infosys. There are still more expectations from him.

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