CNG | What kind of cheapness? Gas price hike during festive season.. Price hike likely.. | CNG PNG prices could rise as Russia’s natural gas supply canceled

CNG | There are no signs of slowdown at the moment. Conversely, there is a high probability of inflation. Gas prices may rise again.

CNG |  What kind of cheapness?  Gas prices rise in festive season

Gas price hike inevitable?

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New Delhi : CNG for four wheelers (CNG) and delivered home to the PNG big city (png) gas prices again (price hike) There are signs of a flare-up. of natural gas (natural gas) Since the government has no other option but to increase the prices, the increase in prices is considered inevitable.

The central government is currently facing huge costs on the import of natural gas. This gas is getting expensive. Therefore, it is being speculated that the government will increase the prices of CNG and PNG in the next few days.

A 20-year natural gas supply agreement has been signed between Russia’s Gazprom and India. The agreement was signed in 2018. Since then it has started. But the Russo-Ukraine war broke out. The company has stopped supply.

India is getting affected due to supply stagnation. India has to buy natural gas from other countries at higher rates. Now it has become impossible for the government to bear this burden. So prices are likely to rise.

The Russo-Ukraine War has driven up natural gas prices around the world. These prices are increased. European countries are also suffering from this. Presently the situation is that there is no sign of smooth supply of CNG and PNG.

The Russo-Ukraine War has had a major impact. Many countries have to buy gas at high rates. But due to the lack of regular supply, a new crisis has arisen in front of the world. So four wheelers will stop and cooking in the kitchen will also become difficult.

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Retail inflation in India has reached 7 percent. This has also had an impact on the rise in gas prices. Gail India has come in its grip. The company had to pay a dollar per million British thermal unit for the October-November natural gas. It has become the most expensive contract in the world.

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