Children’s Gadgets: Is your child too obsessed with mobiles? Then this news is for you

Indore: It has always been discussed that there is a continuous change in the education system in the society. The central government has also implemented a new education policy showing readiness and its implementation is going on at the ground level in schools. But due to the worsening situation during the Corona period, the education of children has been badly affected. Online education has reduced the concentration of children, while excessive use of technology like mobile phones, tablets, computers is causing many problems in children.

Looking for a solution to this, an engineer from Indore has developed a gadget that can make a huge and positive difference in the education of older children after 2 years.

Yogesh Suroshi is an IT engineer from Indore and has been working on this project for the last 10 years. After that he has also taken a patent for it. He said it was designed for the educational development and brain development of children. Children should learn to play without any pressure or pressure. which provides education to all types of children, whether special or general, including improving visual and eye-hand coordination, thinking and logical skills.

The most important thing about this kit is that it supports home schooling and self learning. Which can be used even without screen and internet. Yogesh has developed two types of devices, one is electronic which is operated with the help of a phone, while the other is manual which is non-electronic. This gadget helps in developing logic and logical thinking with subjects like English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Science, Mathematics and Topology.

The boards used in the device are made of wood, plastic and metal, with colored slides and buttons. which is transferred, helping children to read and understand various subjects. Currently this gadget is being used in many private schools and Anganwadis. From where we are getting a lot of positive feedback. With the help of Madhya Pradesh government, preparations are underway to introduce this gadget in government schools as well.

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First Published: 24 November 2022, 14:30 IST

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