Check Bounce Rules: Attention! check bounce rules in india government can bring new rules regarding check bounce cases to know all details about check

Check bounce rules: Stricter rules now can be overwhelming in cases of check dishonor.

New Delhi : bank account (Bank Account) The customer gets many facilities while opening. them debit card (Debit Card)Credit Card (Credit Card)Cheque Book(Cheque Book) Such facilities are available. If you are paying by cheque, be careful now. In case of dishonor of check (cheque bounced) Now strict rules have been made. The central government is preparing to teach a permanent lesson to the check bouncers. There is a possibility of a big change in the rules for that.

According to media reports, the new check bounce rules of the central government (Check Bounce New Rules) In this regard, the Central Government has formed a committee of experts from the Supreme Court. This committee has made some recommendations to the central government.

so finance ministry (Ministry of Finance) But a high level meeting took place. Meanwhile, the rules of check bounce have been changed. (Check bounce rules change) it has been suggested. Considering these suggestions, the central government will soon bring new rules in the matter of check bounce. (New Check Bounce Rules) Will apply.

According to the check bounce rules of the Ministry of Finance, if there is no minimum balance in the customer’s account, this amount will be deducted from the customer’s other bank account. Also, if the customer is going to pay through cheque, then it will be mandatory to have balance in his account.

If the amount in the account is not equal to the amount on the cheque, strict action will be taken against the concerned customer. Not only this, the bank account will be closed and opening of new bank account will also be banned. Of course, the proposal is being discussed.

But if these new rules are implemented so strictly then people will get freedom from cheating forever. Banks will close the fraudsters. Such people will be identified and cheating of other people can be avoided. Heavy fine will also be imposed.

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At present, there is a provision of punishment in check bounce cases. A case of check bounce has been registered against the accused. There is a provision of fine in the case. Also, the one who has been cheated may have to return double the amount. Such a person can be imprisoned for two years.

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