challenge | Everyone is saying, if you want to be a boss, if you complete this challenge, then you will be given extra salary and 10 lakhs.. | Zerodha CEO Nitin Kamath gives a fitness challenge to employees to know all the details

challenge | Actually, this boss is different. He has given some absurd challenges to the employees.

challenge |  Everyone is saying, be the boss, on completing this challenge you will be given extra salary and Rs 10 lakh..

Boss you are great..

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New Delhi : Now you say, what is all that, work (Work) There are some tricks that owners can do (boss) It is done. But wait, because this boss is different. He had some crazy challenges for the employees (challenge) Looking at which you will say this.. if there should be a boss..

Zero (Zerodha) It will not be that you have not heard these names. It is a big company related to stock market. Nitin Kamato (Nitin Kamath) He is the CEO of this company. The challenge given by him to the employees is currently under discussion. His challenge is being discussed a lot on social media.

Let us see the reward Kamat has announced for the employees who complete this challenge. The employee who completes this challenge will be given an additional salary for the whole month. The employee has to meet his target during the year. Rewards will be given to employees who complete 90% of the challenges in a year.

Accept this challenge and complete it in one year. In return, the company will not only give one month extra salary, but the employees will get a chance to win Rs 10 lakh through lucky draw. So this challenge will be the source of income for the employees.

Now you must be thinking that what is this challenge? Kamat has put up a fitness challenge for the employees. It is a fitness fund where the more fit, the more reward. This challenge has been put in order to increase the efficiency of the employees.

Kamat gave information about this challenge through his official Twitter handle. He also said that he fought the idea to make the employees quit the smoking habit. He expressed concern that smoking is the worst habit and the number of people doing it is increasing day by day.

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He gave this information about his fitness. How he achieved his goals by keeping fitness goals in mind. Kamat told how many days it was completed. He has given information about how he lost weight. He also said that this challenge has been given to motivate the employees.

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