CBSE Board Exam 2023: Don’t Cheat In CBSE Board Exam Even Accidentally, Punishment If Caught

New Delhi (CBSE Board Exam 2023,, each board has its own special rules regarding 10th, 12th exam. CBSE Board Exam Time Table 2023 has been released and students are currently waiting for the Admit Card (CBSE Board Exam Date Sheet). All details related to CBSE Board 10th and 12th Exams starting from 15 February 2023 can be checked at (CBSE Board Rules).

CBSE board is in favor of strict action against students who cheat in 10th and 12th exams. Prepare well for CBSE Board Exam 2023 and don’t spoil your result by looking around in exam center (CBSE Board Result). Know the punishment for being caught cheating in CBSE Board Exam 2023 (Cheating Punishment). This can waste your entire year.

1- On disqualification, the vesting shall be 1 year- If a student is caught cheating in an examination, the board may disqualify him/her from appearing in the examination that year. This means he will not be able to appear for the board exam that year.
2-5 years ban from giving exams If the board wants to, after the teacher’s complaint, the student can be banned from appearing in the examination for the next 5 years. Now you can imagine how cheating and not preparing properly for exams can affect your life.
3- Ban for life- Considering the seriousness of cheating in CBSE board exams, students can also be banned for life. This means the student will never be able to appear in the board exam.
4- Early submission of answer sheet- If a student tries to cheat during the board exam, the invigilator can collect his answer sheet. In return, the student will be given a new sheet, on which he will have to rewrite all the answers. This will waste a lot of time.
5- Strict action- If the cheating case is more serious then the police may be called at the examination center. Police can record the statement of everyone and send it to the board office for further action to investigate the crime of cheating.
6- Punishment for talking to supervisor without reason- During the board exam, some students try to convince the invigilator to tell the answer by talking to him. In such a situation action can be taken against the student based on the rules.

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