CBSE Board Exam 2023: Can I Take Board Exam Without Paying Fee? Know CBSE rules

New Delhi (CBSE Board Exam 2023, School Fees), Central Board of Secondary Education is valid in India as well as abroad. CBSE Board has made some special rules and regulations for all its schools and the students studying in them (CBSE Board Rules). Everyone is bound to follow them. Some rules have also been made regarding school fees and attendance.

Many students are unable to pay their school fees on time due to some reasons. Some students miss school due to ill health or some situation at home, which affects their attendance (CBSE Attendance Policy). Can such students appear for the 2023 board exam? Know what rules CBSE board has made regarding attendance and fees.

How much attendance is required for the board exam?
For a regular student of CBSE Board, 75% attendance in school is required (CBSE Board Attendance Policy). It doesn’t matter if it has a little deficiency. But in case of major gap in attendance, valid reason and supporting documents (like medical certificate) have to be submitted. Many times CBSE withholds the admit card if the attendance is low due to negligence of the students.

What is CBSE board rule regarding fees?
The board has not made any rule regarding school fees. This decision rests with the schools (school fee policy). According to the Delhi High Court, education is an important right, which is included in the ‘right to life’. A child cannot be prevented from attending school or appearing for board examinations in the middle of an academic session on the ground of non-payment of fees.

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