CBSE Board Exam 2022: Prepare Hindi from CBSE Board Student Model Papers, Exams will be easy

CBSE Board Exam 2022: CBSE Board Exam Date Sheet Released. In this, students appearing for the 10th exam can prepare according to the model paper. This will make the exam easier and students will be able to score better. Today we have brought Hindi model paper in this order. Apart from this students can also check the model paper through the official website of CBSE board.

Subject – Hindi Part-II
CBSE Board
(Textbook and Supplementary Textbook)

(6) Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions;
Nawabsaheb threw all the cucumber slices out the window, wiped his hands and lips with a towel and looked at them with proud pink eyes, as if saying – this is the way of family life. Tired of making and using cucumbers, Nawabsaheb fell asleep.
We had to lose our heads in the showdown – this is family culture, refinement and refinement! We were thinking, using cucumber, this method can certainly be called subtle, elegant or abstract to fulfill the imagination of the aroma and taste of cucumber, but in this way it can satisfy the stomach.
Nawabsaheb’s loud belching was heard and Nawabsaheb looked at us and said, ‘Cucumber is delicious’ Sakil, Namurad puts a load on Vasa.

(a) How was Nawabsaheb’s way of eating cucumber different? (Word limit 30-40 words)
(b) What did Nawabsaheb want to show through the way of eating kheer? (Word limit 30-40 words) (c) What did Nawabsaheb do to get rid of his anger? (Word limit 30-40 words)

(7) Write answers to any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each.
(a) What is seen when the children apply reed glasses to the idol?
(b) Why is Balgobin Bhagat’s music called magic?
(c) What were the writer’s feelings about Father Bulke’s tragic death
Origins and why?
d) Mannu Bhandari’s mother was the height of sacrifice and patience – still for the writer
Couldn’t be ideal – why?
(e) What honors did Bismillah Khan receive? In what form will his identity be?

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(8) Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions:
Backed by the lead singer’s rock-heavy vocals
The voice was trembling very faintly
He is the younger brother of the lead singer.
or his disciple
Or a distant relative who comes to study on foot
In the lead singer’s thunder
It echoes from time immemorial
When the singer in the forest of complex organisms
would have been lost
or overstepping one’s own limits
Wanders wide
Then the partner keeps it forever.
Packing up the luggage left behind by the lead singer
Reminds him of his childhood
When he was a novice.

(a) When does an accompanist handle a missing note and what effect does this have on the lead singer? (Word limit 30-40 words)
(b) In which context in the poem is he called a novice and why? (Word limit 30-40 words)
c) When does the role of companion come into play?

9) Answer any four of the following questions in 30 to 40 words each:
a) The girl was not yet matured – Write the reason for the mother’s anxiety expressed in the lines presented on the basis of the poem Kanyadan.
b) What is the significance of touch of hands in the poem Fasal?
c) When asked by Parashurama about the one who broke the bow, Sri Rama said, ‘The bow was broken by me’.
Why didn’t you give a straight answer and say that whoever breaks the bow will be your servant?
d) Write why Uddhav could not understand the state of mind of the Gopis based on the post of Surdas.

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