CBSE Board Exam 2022: CBSE Board 10th Students Can Score Good Marks, Prepare Hindi with Model Papers

CBSE Board Exams 2022: Lakhs of students are busy preparing for the CBSE board exams this year. The date sheet of 10th and 12th board exams has also been released. Students should prepare according to the model papers to appear in these exams. This can lead to good marks in exams. In this order today we have brought Hindi model paper for class 10th students. Hindi subject is such that students can score well.

Subject – Hindi Part-II
CBSE Board
(Textbook and Supplementary Textbook)

9) Answer any four of the following questions in 30 to 40 words each:
a) The daughter was not yet matured – Write the reason for the mother’s anxiety expressed in the lines presented on the basis of the Kanyadan poem.
b) What is the significance of touch of hands in the poem Fasal?
c) When Parashurama asked about the bow breaker, Shriram said, ‘The bow was broken by me’, why did he not give a straight answer and say that the one who breaks the bow will be your servant?
d) Write why Uddhav could not understand Gopi’s state of mind based on Surdas’s post.
etc.) With reference to the poem ‘Chhaya Mat Chuna’, what is the effect of dwelling on memories of past pleasures?

10) Answer the following questions in 5-60 words each;
a) Why is Gangtok called the city of industrious emperors?
b) ‘Mata Ka Anchal Path’ depicts a rural environment. What do you see as the difference between rural life and urban life?
c) Why were the newspapers silent on the news of George V’s nosebleed?

Write an essay in about 200 to 250 words on any one of the following topics based on the given pointers.

A) Hard work and practice – key to success
.Importance of hard work
An example of hard work
Success comes with hard work and practice

b) Importance of regular reading of newspaper
Repository of knowledge
Developing a healthy reading habit

c) Increasing attraction of youth towards foreign countries
Interest is growing abroad
Financial prosperity
A good lifestyle

12) Health officials for not cleaning drains and roads properly in their area
Write a letter in about 80 to 100 words.
There is a new teacher in your class who teaches very well. their
A letter of about 80 to 100 words to your friend introducing the topic
write down

13) Under Right to Education to enjoy this right in rural areas
Create an ad in about 25 to 50 words.
Passengers on behalf of ‘Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’ (IRCTC).
Create an inviting 25 to 50 word ad
will do

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