RBI Repo Rate: Why did the central bank hit the common man again, be ready to pay more interest..

RBI Repo Rate : केंद्रीय बँकेचा सर्वसामान्यांना पुन्हा जोर का झटका, जास्त व्याज भरण्यासाठी रहा तयार..

RBI Repo Rate: Central Bank is thinking of giving a shock to the common man once again.. Inflation is knocking again Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : reserve Bank of India (RBI) It has washed its hands behind inflation. Inflation does not leave the back of the common man. inflation (inflation) … Read more

Share Market: What will happen to the stock market on Monday?

Share Market : सोमवारी शेअर बाजाराची काय असेल चाल..गुंतवणूकदारांची पुन्हा फिरकी की करणार मालामाल..

Share Market: What will be the direction of the share market, what will be your benefit? What is the direction of the stock market? Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : gangbang eater stock market (Share Market) It rained heavily during the interval. But as the market went into reverse gear last … Read more

Gold Price: Long jump of gold in Lagnasarai, prices fell within a week, so much difference in price ..

Gold Price : लग्नसराईत सोन्याची लांब उडी, आठवडाभरातच किंमती सूसाट, भावात एवढा फरक..

Gold Price: Within a week gold took Hanuman Udi .. gold prices skyrocketed Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : gold fell last week (gold down) But then gold bounced back. at the cost of gold (gold price) There has been tremendous growth within a week. In the wedding mandap, the groom’s … Read more

Electoral Bond: Invest money in electoral bonds, sell from December 5, invest like this..

Electoral Bonds : निवडणूक रोख्यात करा कमाई, 5 डिसेंबर पासून विक्री, अशी करा गुंतवणूक..

Electoral Bonds: With Electoral Bonds you can fund your favorite party, earn.. bond earning opportunity Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Central government (Central Government) Ban on re-election for accepting donations in a transparent manner in politics (Electoral Bonds) are brought to the market. Gujarat State Assembly Election (assembly elections) Earlier, … Read more

Future Vehicle: The car will run for 100 rupees or only 10 rupees, the announcement of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari will soon make the dream a reality.

Future Vehicle : 100 रुपये नाहीतर अवघ्या 10 रुपयांत धावेल कार, केंद्रीय मंत्री नितीन गडकरी यांच्या या घोषणेने स्वप्न लवकरच सत्यात..

Vehicle of the future: In a few days, your four wheeler will run for not only Rs 10, but even less. travel will be cheaper Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Petrol-diesel in the coming days (Petrol-Diesel Price) Rising prices won’t make you break a sweat and ruin your plans to … Read more

Dharavi Project: Asia’s biggest slum will be built .. What is Adani’s master plan for the development of Dharavi ..

Dharavi Project : आशियातील सर्वात मोठी झोपडपट्टी टाकणार कात..धारावीच्या विकासासाठी अदाणींचा काय आहे मास्टरप्लॅन..

Dharavi Project: How will Asia’s biggest slum develop? face will change Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Asia’s biggest slum (Biggest slum cluster in Asia) Dharavi (Dharavi) It is notorious for its small streets and filth. But the face of this slum is about to change. This region with a population … Read more

Gold Price: New record of gold and silver, tremendous boom after two years, expensive marriage ..

Gold Price : सोने-चांदीचा नवा रेकॉर्ड, दोन वर्षांनी जबरदस्त तेजी, महागली लग्नसराई..

Gold Price: Gold and silver created history today .. What are today’s prices .. a new gold record Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : with gold and silver (prices of gold and silver) Today a new history was created. Pre-Covid in today’s context (pre-covid) He reminded me of my brother. Post … Read more

Ankamudra: Did Hanuman Udi take Ankamudra on the first day? 4 It loads on currency bank feed..

Digital Currency : पहिल्याच दिवशी डिजिटल रुपयाने घेतली का हनुमान उडी? 4 बँकांच्या खाद्यांवर या चलनाचा भार..

Digital Currency: Digital Rupee started in the country .. How much turnover happened in the pilot project .. so much turnover Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Retail digital rupee from December 1 in the country (Retail Digital Rupee) has begun. by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Digital currency worth 1.71 … Read more

Tax Benefits: Why bother now, these tax relief options are powerful, invest with your eyes closed..

Tax Benefits : आता कशाला जीव आटवता, कर सवलतीसाठी हे पर्याय आहेत जोरदार, डोळे झाकून करा गुंतवणूक..

Tax Benefits: If you want to save tax then this option is specially for you tax exemption benefits Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : tax savings for employees (Tax saving for salaried) There are many investment options available. Not only is it a tax saving, but it is also an investment. … Read more