Career Tips: How To Prepare For Competitive Exams Away From Home? Save this way

New Delhi (Career Tips, Budget Tips), everyone has to make many sacrifices to pursue a career. In some cities children study away from home and friends due to lack of good education facilities. Every year a large number of students go to hostels to prepare for competitive exams.

Budget is a big problem for kids studying away from home (Budget for Students). If they have no means of income, they depend on pocket money from home. At such times, many times we have to meet our expenses even with less money. Learn how to budget for a hostel stay.

Save money with these tips

Saving is very important for students living in hostels. Due to ill health or a sudden problem will cost many times more. In this situation, it is better to get into the habit of saving yourself (money saving tips) rather than asking someone for a loan. Learn special tips to save money.

1- Do not indulge in too much luxury at this age. Don’t get addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco. By this you can save a lot of money every day.

2- It is better if you can do the cleaning, ironing, washing of clothes yourself. This can lead to huge savings.

3- A lot of money is wasted in ordering food from outside every day. Try to cook your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes it can be obtained from outside if desired. But don’t do this every day.

4- If you are going to college or coaching, get a room or hostel within walking distance. This will not only save the time required for traveling there, but also the cost of commuting.

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