Career Tips: How to Career in Master of Pharmacy? Know the salary package and job profile


Those working in this field have to research and develop new drugs and medicines.
Pharmacists are employed as specialists in clinics, dispensaries and medical stores

New Delhi (Career Tips, Master of Pharmacy Course). When the whole world was struggling with the corona epidemic, pharmaceutical companies around the world were busy making vaccines (corona vaccines). The scope of the pharmaceuticals sector is vast (pharmacy career options). Here the work related to the discovery and development of new drugs continues.

From distribution of medicines to their marketing, packaging and management, all the work is a part of pharmaceutical (Master Of Pharmacy Job Profile). India is also involved in this globally. Know Pharmacy related courses (Master of Pharmacy Course), job profile and required qualifications.

Job Profile of Master of Pharmacy
1- In the field of pharmacy, where the marketing of the product involves contact with the dealer or the customer, the doctor also plays an important role in the marketing of drugs.
2- The knowledge of which drugs are more effective in which merger treatment remains with the pharma experts.
3- People working in this field have to research and develop new drugs and medicines.
4- To work in the field of pharma management along with the sale of medicines, it is necessary to have the ingredients and technical knowledge used in it.
5- They are employed as specialists in hospitals, clinics and medical stores.
6- To pursue a career in pharmacy, one has to enter the market as a medical representative or marketing officer.

Where to get a job after completing pharmacy course
1- Due to the establishment of large pharmaceutical companies in the country, there is a huge demand for pharmacist professionals in the field of research and development.
2- Any candidate can work in areas like research, process development, clinical trials of new drugs after doing M.Pharma or PhD.
3- Many companies in the medical sector employ trained people related to quality control or quality assurance for better quality of their products.
4- Apart from the government, you can also work as a pharmacist in the pharmaceutical industry, colleges, universities, hospitals, inspections and private sector research institutes.
5- After post graduation in pharmacy you can also work in sales and marketing field.
6- Students can also open their own medical store after completing post graduation in pharmacy.
7- Scientists and research officers can join pharmacy colleges as teachers and in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in research and production.

Salary for Pharmacist package
The growth of those pursuing a career in the medical field is also fast. Initially you can do a job in this field for around 20 to 30 thousand rupees per month. Salary increases in every field with increase in experience, here too the salary increases with increase in experience.Experienced pharmacists get an annual package of around 10 to 12 lakh rupees.

Where to do Master of Pharmacy Course?
1. Jamia Hamdard, Delhi
2. Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research
3. Chandigarh University
4. Bihar College of Pharmacy

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