Budget 2023: Big hope for youth from Nirmala Sitharaman, demands from coaching city on unemployment and education loans

Quota Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is set to present the country’s budget in Parliament on Wednesday, so people in every corner of the country are waiting. While on the one hand middle class families are waiting for the announcement of tax relief and reduction in inflation, on the other hand the youth is hoping that the central government will fill vacancies and create new jobs. way too. The youth of Kota, the coaching city, which is said to be a bastion of youth preparation for jobs, also has high hopes from the central government.

Kota youth Vinay Raj Singh said Today the unemployment rate is highest in the country. Youth are not getting work. Due to this, the youths are frustrated and disappointed. Center should announce new jobs in budget. Especially the youth of rural areas should be given independent jobs. Another youth, Dheeraj Singh Meena, said that the central government should take special care of the unemployed youth. Kota has high hopes from this budget in the medical field as well, with the demand to start a clinical psychology department prominent.

Student union president Deepti Mewada says that a large number of youngsters come from outside for coaching in Kota. Most of them prepare for studies and jobs with the help of education loans. The central government should make education loans tax-free. Apart from this, coaching students should be provided with free accommodation and food. Mewada says that the youth of the country are turning to the criminal world due to lack of jobs. Government can overcome many problems only by providing more jobs.

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First Published: 01 February 2023, 10:34 IST

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