Board Exams 2023: Heed PM Modi’s Special Mantra, Pass Board Exams in First Class

New Delhi (Board Exam 2023, Prime Minister Modi), Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding a ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ before the start of the examination round (PPC 2023). Through this they give tips to kids to get rid of exam fear and score well. This year Pariksha Pe Charcha (Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023) program will be held on 27th January, Friday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s special program (PM Modi News) will have its sixth edition this year. In 2018, PM Modi’s book named ‘Exam Warriors’ was published. It also shares the difficulties faced during the exam and easy tips to overcome them. Know PM Modi’s special tips before 2023 board exam (PM Narendra Modi Exam Tips).

1- According to PM Modi, board exams should be celebrated like a festival. This will reduce the exam stress and your preparation will be better.
2- Any exam is a way to show your ability. So don’t worry about it. Stay positive during the exam and give your best. Do not compare yourself with your friends or relatives.
3- In his book ‘Exam Warriors’, PM Modi has written that students should also pay attention to their fitness while preparing for board exams. Do yoga regularly and engage in physical activity as well. Due to this, you will be stress free along with good health.
4- Believe in yourself and remember that exam marks are not everything.
Make sure to take notes while studying. Meanwhile, write down what you are forgetting and pay more attention to revision.
6- Motivate yourself, understand your shortcomings and try to overcome them.
7- Take care of mental health. PM Modi’s book has written that it is very important to maintain the balance of mind and spirit.
8- Always be happy and study with good mood. Prepare by thinking that you will definitely succeed in the exam.

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