Bank Strike: Bank’s functioning disrupted due to strike, banks will remain closed, work will be completed tomorrow

Bank Strike: The functioning of the banks will be affected if the employees take up the weapon of strike.

Bank Strike: Bank's functioning disrupted due to strike, banks will remain closed, work will be completed tomorrow

bank strike

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New Delhi : by bank employees (Bank employee) Strike weapon for some important demands (bank strike) This will affect the functioning of the banks. So if you have any important work in the bank, finish it tomorrow. Otherwise, there may be hindrance in your work. Because you may have to wait for two days for this work.

Bank employees have called for a strike on 19 November. Tomorrow is the day for him. This day is Sunday after Saturday and the work of banks will be stalled for two days.

All India Bank Employees Union (AIBEA) nationwide strike (bank strike) Has called, so on November 19, the work of banks in the country will come to a standstill. This can hinder your work.

The second and fourth Saturdays are bank holidays in the country. Banks are open on 1st and 3rd Saturdays. Tomorrow 19th November is the third Saturday. Bank operations across the country will be affected on this day due to the aggression of the employees union.

Bank of Baroda (bob) Notice of strike has been given. Accordingly, the General Secretary of All India Bank Employees Union has sent the strike notice. The notice mentions that the members of the organization are going on strike on November 19.

This strike will be for one day. That’s why the effect of this strike will be seen on the branches of rural areas along with the main branches. However, customers are checking whether the banks are taking any measures to avoid inconvenience to the customers.

ATM services are also likely to be affected due to the November 19 strike. Therefore, if you want to do any work related to the bank, then complete it before this day. This will not hinder the work.

Continuous attacks on bank employees, indecency with office bearers has increased. Also, such cases have also increased where employees are being transferred against their will. The main demand of the strikers is that action should be taken against it. AIBEA general secretary CH Venkatachalam had raised his voice about this a few days back.

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