Paisa: Isco Followed Kiya To Life Jinglela..Paisa doubled in few years..| Follow these personal finance rules on how to double your money..

Money : इसको फॉलो किया तो लाईफ झिंगालाला..पैसा इतक्या वर्षातच डबल झाला..

Money: Who doesn’t want double money? That too without any cheating what are the golden rules of doubling money.. Do you know the golden rule? Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : double the money (double rupee) Who doesn’t want that? That too without any cheating scheme (fraud plan), But none … Read more

Gold and Silver price on Monday, 26 September 2022 in Maharashtra.

todays gold silver rate

Today gold and silver price: 10 grams of 22 carat gold was priced at Rs 46,500 today, while the precious metal closed above Rs 46,000 per 10 grams in the previous trade amid a correction in international precious metal prices and depreciation of the rupee. According to the website Good Returns, silver is selling at … Read more

challenge | Everyone is saying, if you want to be a boss, if you complete this challenge, then you will be given extra salary and 10 lakhs.. | Zerodha CEO Nitin Kamath gives a fitness challenge to employees to know all the details


challenge | Actually, this boss is different. He has given some absurd challenges to the employees. Boss you are great.. Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Now you say, what is all that, work (Work) There are some tricks that owners can do (boss) It is done. But wait, because this … Read more

Update | Change in PAN card? Rao update sitting at home, understand this easy way.. | Change in PAN card correction rule, now change minutes with Aadhar card


base | Now PAN card can be changed easily. You can update PAN card sitting at home, all you need is this card.. instant pan card update Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : if you need pan card (Pan Card) want to change. Change of address. pan card update (Updates) If … Read more

Rent Agreement | Adding law in trust, settlement of dispute through rent agreement, what is a contract. , Why is a rent agreement important for both the tenant and the landlord to know what the rules say?

Rent Agreement

Rent Agreement | We do not say that faith has gone astray. Hence it is beneficial for you to enter into a rental agreement while keeping the tenant. Benefits of having a rental agreement Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : frequent homeowners (owner) and tenants (tenant)There is a rift between them … Read more

Stock market: Investors worried, what happened in the stock market, who applied the brakes of the speeding car? , FPI inflows slow in India, Rs 8600 crore has been infused in stocks so far in September

Share Market : गुंतवणूकदार हवालदिल, शेअर बाजाराला कशामुळे घसरणीला, वेगात असलेल्या गाडीला कोणी लावला ब्रेक?

Share Market: What are the reasons that investors are again nervous in the stock market? What is the reason for the decline? Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Share Market (Share Market) Presently it is declining. Investors in the month of April (investor) There was heavy loss. By the month of … Read more

RBI: This decision of the Reserve Bank will cost you dearly. To control inflation, the Reserve Bank will increase interest rates for the fourth time in a row, loans will be expensive.

RBI : रिझर्व्ह बँकेचा हा निर्णय तुम्हाला पडणार महागात..ऐन सणासुदीत खिश्यावर येणार ताण..

RBI: RBI is going to take another big decision in the coming week. In such a situation, there is a fear of burden again on the pocket of the common man. burden on the pocket Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : reserve Bank of India (RBI) inflation (inflation) Though there is … Read more

Alert: The plan is heavy, it is late, if I had known a little earlier, then.. | Atal Pension Yojana alert for taxpayers, changes in rules from October 1, 2022, know details

Alert : योजनाच भारी, आधीच झालाय उशीर, पुन्हा म्हणाल थोडं आधी कळलं असतं तर..

Alert: If you are a taxpayer then this is special news for you. You will not get this discount from October 1. Hurry to invest.. Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : If you are a taxpayer then this news is for you. You belong to Atal Pension Yojana (APY) If you … Read more

Service : Very busy from 1st October.. will work super fast.. | 5G service will start in the country from October 1, Modi will launch Mobile Congress in India

Service: 1 ऑ़क्टोबरपासून एकदम सैराट.. कामे होतील सुपर फास्ट..

Service: From October 1, there will be a revolution in the country’s telecom sector. His tribe will come in your mobile.. Now 5G. the wind of Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Telecom sector in India from October 1 (telecom sector) A revolution is coming. enjoy it in your mobile (mobile) … Read more

Investment: Buy this stock Bharat Heavy Electricals Target Price 100 ICICI Securities at such a cheap price

Investment : इतक्या स्वस्तात मिळतोय हा शेअर..येत्या काही दिवसात करुन देणार बक्कळ कमाई

Investment: Your investment in this company can make you rich. Experts estimate that the company will soon reach 100 in revenue. will share this stuff Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Share Market (Share Market) Despite the volatile situation, there are some hidden rules in the market. invest in them (Investment) … Read more