Ambani-Tata: New generation in the hands of this group! Big responsibility on Ananya-Aryaman’s food – Birla Group NextGen Ananya and Aryaman join as directors of Aditya Birla Fashion Retail

Ambani-Tata: After Ambani-Tata, Kirloskar, now the second generation of this group has entered the fray.

Ambani-Tata: New generation in the hands of this group!  Big responsibility on Ananya-Aryaman's account

a new generation is on the way

New Delhi : In every profession the present generation is replaced by the next generation. these lively faces for business (Business) Gives new shape. Increase its circumference. It takes strong leadership and a driven generation to grow a business more strongly and efficiently. This changes in every business. A new generation takes over. The older generation guides them and the business flourishes. It gives a new direction to the business. That group finds new ways. The world of Indian entrepreneurs is going through a lot of changes at the moment. A lot is happening. From Tata group to Adani, Ambani (Tata to Ambani Group) A new generation of foodies has been entrusted with the responsibility. This shrug is made easy, made easy. This overseas-educated generation first proved themselves in various positions within the group and then got ready to take on bigger responsibilities. Now it has turned into a group.

Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani) He has entrusted the responsibility of business on the shoulders of all the three children. Akash Ambani, Isha Ambani and Anant Ambani were given the responsibility of different posts.

so tata group (Tata Group) Noel Tata’s three children Lia, Maya and Neville Tata have been inducted on the Tata Medical Center board. Shifting of shoulders is currently taking place in many industrial groups. Opportunities are being given to the new generation. Now Kumar Mangalam Birla (KM Birla) Under his leadership, a new generation has entered the Birla Group.

Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla has entrusted the responsibility of eating to his successor. After the demise of father Aditya Vikram Birla, the responsibility fell on the shoulders of Kumar Mangalam Birla. At that time his age was only 28 years.

Aditya Vikram Birla passed away in 1995. At an early age, the responsibility fell on the shoulders of Kumar Birla and he did it. Birla Group expanded a lot. Now a new generation has entered the world of industry.

According to PTI, on January 30, 2023, Kumar Mangalam Birla informed about the reshuffle in the group. The group’s fashion and retail business, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited daughter Ananyashree Birla is responsible for (Ananyashree Birla) handed over his shoulders. Son Aryaman Vikram Birla (Aryaman Birla) He was appointed to the board of directors.

Birla Group’s business is spread not only in India but in major countries of the world. The group is headed by Kumar Mangalam Birla for the last 28 years. In this long period, he has acquired a total of 40 companies. According to the Forbes Billionaires Index, KM Birla’s net worth is $14.9 billion.

Ananyashree Birla has business knowledge. At the age of 17, he started his own micro finance company. The name of this company is Swatantra Microfin Private Limited. Apart from this, he is also a great singer.

Aryaman Birla is also a cricketer. At the age of just 25, Aryaman performed brilliantly in the Ranji team in 2017-18. Aryaman used to play for the Madhya Pradesh team. A big responsibility has now been entrusted to his food providers.

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