Ambani overtakes Adani: Big upset in the list of the rich! Mukesh Ambani overtakes Gautam Adani as world’s richest Indian according to Forbes

Ambani Overtakes Adani: There has been a major reshuffle in the list of the rich. Ambani left Adani behind

New Delhi : Union Budget in the country (Union Budget 2023) In the list of world’s top-10 richest people while the hype continues (richest list) There was a big upheaval. Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani) Gautam Adani has been left behind. After the Hindenburg report, there is a disturbance in the Adani group. Adani’s wealth has reduced by billions within a month. Last month, it had slipped from the third position to the fourth position. After the Hindenburg debacle, he disappeared from the top-10 list. Now Ambani has won in this list. So Adani (Gautam Adani) They are behind.

Ambani has overtaken Gautam Adani with a net worth of $84.3 billion. Forbes has announced this list. Accordingly, Adani got the 10th position in the list. Ambani’s number was 9. In 24 hours, Adani was thrown straight from fourth to eighth position on the list as it posted a loss of $10 billion.

Adani also holds the record for the highest loss of property in a single day. Adani joined the ranks of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg after losing $20.8 billion in a day. All of them had lost a lot of wealth in one day.

Elon Musk has lost the most in a day at $35 billion, Mark Zuckerberg at $31 billion and Jeff Bezos at $20.5 billion. Now after losing $20.8 billion, Adani is back in line. Let the storm subside or they may be off the list.

Bernard Arnault tops the list of top 10 richest people in the world with a net worth of $214 billion. Elon Musk is in second place. His net worth is $178.3 billion. Jeff Bezos is in third place. His net worth is $126.3 billion.

Larry Ellison is in fourth place with $111.9 billion. Warren Buffet is fifth with $108.5 billion, Bill Gates is sixth with $104.5 billion. Carlos Slim is at number seven in the list of the rich. His net worth is $91.7 billion.

Larry Page is at number eight on the Forbes Rich List. His net worth is $85.8 billion. Ambani is after him. Now Ambani is at the last in this top-10 list.

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