Amazon: Now these smart workers will eat your job! Amazon took the first step.. 10,000 employees will lose their jobs..

Amazon: Now these smart employees will eat the jobs of many people.

Amazon: Now these smart workers will eat your job!  Amazon took the first step.. 10,000 employees will lose their jobs..

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New Delhi : in e-commerce (e-commerce) Large company Amazon, Furlough of about 10,000 employees next week (Lay off staff) Actually this figure is negligible from the point of view of the company. Only 1 percent of the total workforce will be retrenched. But one reason behind this shortfall is a harbinger of future change. This will have a big impact on manpower.

So behind this shortcoming is an advanced technology. Actually, e-commerce companies are preparing to hand over important work to robots instead of humans in their offices. This will reduce the dependence on humans for work.

Amazon Been working on robotic usage since a few days. According to the company, after the lifting of the ban, the sale of goods has now increased. To complete the work faster, this work will be done through robots instead of humans.

Amazon For this, he has decided to install a robotic system at his workplace. This robot will be used for product packaging and delivery. However, this has resulted in staff shortages.

Amazon This is the biggest reduction in staff in the Newark Times, according to a report, will focus on the device unit. Vice assistant Alexa will be used in this.

The company had a total of 1.6 million full-time and part-time employees last year. But the company has now decided to work through robots in some departments. That’s why new recruitment has been banned.

Amazon A strange claim has been made about getting the robot to work. Accordingly, having robots do the work will result in substantial cost savings for the company. With this, these robot workers will be freed from the tedious sorting, packaging and distribution of products in a matter of hours.

in present Amazon In delivery, about three-quarters of the sorting and delivery of packages is done by robots. But the company did not stop here, in the next five years, the company has decided to handle this department through 100 percent robots. Due to this decision there will be no requirement of manpower.

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