After studying in this school you get a government job. It is called employment factory

Report – Krishna Kumar

Nagaur: Today we are going to introduce you to a school that is an inspiration to all. Actually this is not a private school but a government school. Every third student from this school is in government service. This school is surpassing the bigger schools of Nagaur in academics. This government school is highly talked about in the surrounding area.

In the government higher secondary school of Jaroda village in the district, facilities of private schools have been started. Therefore, 700 children from 13 villages are studying here. Interestingly, about 693 students studying from here are in government jobs.

There is no such record of any school in the district. Due to this, the school has also been honored at the state level in this session.

Since 2003, not a single student has failed here.

This school was upgraded as Senior Secondary from 2003. In 20 years till date not a single student has failed. Arts and Science classes are running in this school. Along with this, the school children have won state level medals in sports, arts and science competitions along with education.

Children cannot be absent without parental knowledge

In this school the discipline of the children is taken care of very closely. Parents are informed immediately if any child is absent from school. Each child is carefully looked after, so the school has a distinct identity in discipline.

Every third out-of-school student joins government service

This school has a unique record, which is not available in any other school in the district. 1869 students have studied here since 2005. In which every third student is in government service. So far 693 students are in government service. Out of these, RAS, PTI, teachers, police, Babu are serving in many fields. Along with this, the school has been selected in this scheme as it fulfills every point of the PM Shri scheme.

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First Published: 25 January 2023, 12:06 PM

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