Share Market: Vigorous horse racing of the index, crossed the figure of 63 thousand for the first time, investors became rich in a week.

Share Market : निर्देशांकाची जोरदार घौडदौड, पहिल्यांदा पार केला 63 हजारांचा टप्पा, आठवडाभरात गुंतवणूकदार झाले मालामाल..

Share Market: A vigorous race has started in the share market. index jump Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : by Indian stock market (Indian Stock Exchange) The vigorous race of the horses has begun. index (Sensex) Every day scaling new heights. to foreign investors BSE, Nifty The falling attractiveness of China’s … Read more

UGC Distance Education Rules: Important changes in rules for open and distance education courses, UGC issues notification

UGC Distance Education Regulations: The University Grants Commission, UGC has made significant changes in the regulations for open education and distance courses. According to this, universities will now have to take permission from the UGC before conducting open education and distance courses. The Commission has issued a notice on its official website and informed about … Read more

December Update: This change will happen in the last month of the year, there may be a burden on the pocket ..

December Update : वर्षाच्या शेवटच्या महिन्यात होईल हा बदल, तुमच्या खिशावर पडू शकतो भार..

December Update: Some changes in the month of December may affect your pocket. it will change Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : last month of the year in december (december) Not only will the calendar page change, but some changes will also affect your pocket. of the central government (Central Government) … Read more

Uttarakhand Board Exam 2023: Number of candidates increased in Uttarakhand Board Exam, Education Department and Board excited

Uttarakhand Board Exam 2023: The number of candidates for Uttarakhand School Education Council Board Exam 2023 has increased. The news is nothing less than a tonic for the education department and board, which has been worried about the declining number of examinees over the years. At this time, the number of examinees in Uttarakhand Board … Read more

Digital Currency: From tomorrow do transactions in digital rupees, use it like this, can buy from here..

Digital Currency :उद्यापासून डिजिटल रुपयातून करा व्यवहार, असा करा वापर, इथे करता येणार खरेदी..

Digital Currency: After setting a record in UPI, the era of digital currency is starting in India from tomorrow. Lord Ganesha of digital currency Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : Digital currency is in circulation in the country from tomorrow i.e. 1 December 2022 (digital currency) The foundation will be laid. … Read more

Kirloskar: The only daughter has a business of 500 crores, Tata’s daughter-in-law has a big responsibility on Foods ..

Kirloskar : एकुलती एक मुलगी 500 कोटींच्या व्यवसायाची मालकीण, टाटांच्या सूनेच्या खाद्यांवर आली मोठी जबाबदारी..

Kirloskar: Who is Manasi Kirloskar? This group owns many companies. responsible for a large business group Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : After the death of entrepreneur Vikram Kirloskar, his only daughter Manasi Kirloskar (Mansi Kirloskar) A big responsibility has come on his account. It is being speculated that these families … Read more

Rajasthan Board Exam 2023: When Rajasthan Board Exam Date Sheet Released? Check this website for updates

New Delhi (Rajasthan Board Exam 2023), Rajasthan Board Class 10th & 12th Exams appearing students are waiting for datesheet (Rajasthan Board 10th 12th Exam 2023) release. According to a media report related to the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, the board will release the datesheet for all streams of 10th and 12th together (RBSE Board … Read more

Bank Fraud: The Jamtara pattern of online fraud will not be affected, the central government will take this big step.

Bank Fraud : ऑनलाईन फसवणूकीच्या जामतारा पॅटर्नचा नाही बसणार फटका, केंद्र सरकार उचलणार हे मोठे पाऊल..

Bank Fraud: The central government has taken a big decision to curb online fraud. , Now cheating can be avoided Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : call mobile (Call) Tax evasion incidents have become common. netflix series jamtara (Jamtara) Showed how to cheat. But now online fraud is prevalent in every … Read more

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam 2022: SSC Exam Starts Tomorrow, Know Marking Scheme & Exam Pattern

New Delhi (SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam 2022, Govt Jobs), Staff Selection Commission released the Admit Card of SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam 2022 few days back (SSC CGL Admit Card). The SSC Exam will be held from 1st December to 13th December 2022 (Date of SSC Exam). Through this exam, recruitment is going to … Read more

Petrol-Diesel Price :..So petrol-diesel should be so cheap, looking at the price of crude oil, there will be so much difference in the new price..

Petrol-Diesel Price : ..तर इतके स्वस्त व्हायले हवे पेट्रोल-डिझेल, कच्च्या तेलाचे भाव पाहता, नवीन दरात एवढा पडेल फरक..

Petrol-Diesel Price: Petrol-Diesel prices can be reduced by up to Rs.10. Will petrol diesel be cheaper? Image Credit Source: Social Media New Delhi : petrol diesel prices for indians (Petrol-Diesel Price) Waiting for the shortage. But even now the government oil companies have not taken a decision on this. international crude oil (crude … Read more