Best Insurance Policy For A New Born Girl Baby

Today, the cost of early childhood education is rising rapidly. An insurance policy can be a good way for parents to deal with this expense. LIC plan for boys can be the best option for a newborn girl. 1. New Money-Back Plan for Kids This plan helps you to meet the different needs of the … Read more

5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Must for Everyone

A few years back, there was a misconception that family health insurance was a type of luxury that only the wealthy could afford. However, this perception is now changing due to several factors, such as inflation, rising hospitalization costs and the growth of the middle class. There is no doubt that individual health insurance is … Read more

Investment firm vanishes with $3.6 billion in Bitcoin ! May be the biggest crypto scam in history

A South African cryptocurrency investment firm has shut down after claiming to have been the victim of an online attack. The company is said to have now liquidated its assets in the form of bitcoin, while its founder is nowhere to be found. Cryptocurrencies are still finding their place in today’s economy. While many factors … Read more

How to transfer your home loan: A step by step guide

Home loans are a boon for those who buy property at an age where prices skyrocket every other day. It has taken the form of an epidemic to reduce rates, that too by a very small margin. Still, it becomes imperative for any homebuyer to get a home loan to save him from the hassle … Read more

The top 5 equity mutual funds with highest returns.

Equity mutual funds have become a popular investment avenue for retail investors. Inflows into equity mutual funds hit a 14-month high in May 2021 as stock market strength prompted investors to invest more money in equity products. Investors invested Rs 10,083 crore in the stock plan for the third consecutive month. Mutual fund schemes have … Read more

5 smart ways to boost your home loan eligibility

Lenders take several factors into consideration while evaluating your home loan application. Top among them are your income, income, age, remaining working age, LTV ratio, asset characteristics and your current loan repayment obligations. If you do not meet the limits set by the lenders, your home loan application may get rejected. Read-¬†Credit Card Data Breach … Read more