Salary Slip: Know Salary Slip ABCD, what are included in it – Salary Slip

Salary Slip: Salary slip is a record of your financial income. With this you get information about your earnings. It is also known that the saving raw material occurs in the period of decline. New Delhi : Nowadays many people drive the family car only after working. for the working class (Working Class) Salary on … Read more

MBBS, MPH students doing research internship in IISc Bangalore will get 25 thousand PM

IISc Bangalore Research Internship: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is conducting Research Internship for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Master of Public Health students. Registration for the program is open and can be done at According to the website, selected students will get an opportunity to work on a project under a … Read more

Pervez Musharraf: Pervez Musharraf’s journey of crores, accumulated wealth

Pervez Musharraf : परवेज मुशर्रफ यांचा कोट्यवधींचा प्रवास, एवढी जमा केली संपत्ती

Pervez Musharraf: Former President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf was the army chief. He acquired property worth crores from dictatorship. He has acquired so much wealth. left so much wealth New Delhi : Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf (Pervez Musharraf) He died due to prolonged illness. He breathed his last in Dubai. The power … Read more

Today Petrol Price: Friend, when will you get relief from fuel inflation? Petrol diesel rates today 5 February 2023 in the whole city, know the complete list of your state’s latest price

Today Petrol Price: Two years have passed since waiting for the prices of petrol and diesel to come under control. How many more days have to wait now? New Delhi : Petrol and diesel prices in the last two years (Petrol-Diesel Rate) It was often discussed that it would decrease. But nothing happened to the … Read more

Delhi University has instructed students to wear angavastra during the convocation ceremony

Delhi University Convocation: Delhi University’s 99th convocation is going to be different as students will be seen in Indian attire wearing ‘angavastra’ instead of ‘old colonial gowns’. According to the official notification, the 99th convocation of the university will be held on February 25. A senior university official said the university has decided to ditch … Read more

Hindenburg effect: Sade sati doesn’t end! Pit of 9 lakh crores within a week, when will the downfall of Adani Group stop? Hindenburg Effect Rs 9 Lakh Crore Mcap Gaya What Next For Adani Group Shares, Know Expert View And Details

Hindenburg Effect : साडेसाती संपेना! आठवड्यातच 9 लाख कोटींचा खड्डा, अदानी समूहाची पडझड थांबणार तरी कधी?

Hindenburg effect: After the Hindenburg cannonball, the Adani group has a ball in its stomach. Investors are upset seeing the decline in their shares, so when will this decline stop? When will it end at half past seven? New Delhi : nervous gautam adani (Gautam Adani) and Adani Group (Adani Group) The news of Hadare … Read more

Hindenburg Income: Hindenburg Institute is not behind even in revenue, earns crores of rupees immediately – How Hindenburg makes money, know the complete strategy

Hindenburg Income: From where does Hindenburg get income who disturbs Adani Group’s business? Where does his income come from? Try to find answers to these questions.. New Delhi : Hindenburg Research Institute not only in India but in the world (Hindenburg Research Firm) The name is popular. This American organization has usurped the second richest … Read more

Gold, silver become cheaper after rally, is this a good buying opportunity? Gold and silver prices fall after record high

The price of gold has been falling since two days. The US Fed and most European central banks have decided to hike interest rates. New Delhi : Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the country’s budget on 1 February (Budget 2023) Presented. After this gold prices went up. Gold is now down after touching high. … Read more

Hindenburg Report, Vastu Position Of Cut End, Sangh Presents First Role – Decoding Hit Job By Hindenburg Against Adani Group Right RSS

Gautam Adani : श्रीमंतांच्या यादीतून गौतम अदानी बाहेर, इतक्या अब्जाचा बसला फटका

The Hindenburg Report was prepared by an Indian lobby against Adani. There are leftists in this lobby. off the list Mumbai : Hurricane named Hindenburg comes from America and in India by Gautam Adani (Gautam Adani) The whole empire shakes. From the Parliament to the stock market, only Adani is being discussed. Now the Rashtriya … Read more