Petrol-Diesel Price: Ball ball of oil companies, crude oil dropped, what is the price of today’s petrol-diesel? – Petrol diesel price today latest news update in your state citywide complete list in February

Petrol-Diesel Price : तेल कंपन्यांची बल्ले बल्ले, कच्चे तेल गडगडले, आजचा पेट्रोल-डिझेलचा भाव काय?

Petrol-Diesel Price: The prices of crude oil are continuously falling, due to which the oil companies are getting a golden opportunity to make up for the losses. What is today’s rate? New Delhi : Last two weeks have been good days for Indian oil companies. crude oil prices in international market (price of crude oil) … Read more

John and Hrithik were classmates, photo viral, know how educated both of them are

John and Hrithik were classmates, photo viral, know how educated both of them are

Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham Classmates: John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan’s school picture is going viral on the internet. In the photo being shared, it is said that both the actors are sitting in the same class. Netizens have reacted to this viral photo. The actors are yet to comment on it, but several media … Read more

Gautam Adani: This country will eat sitting at home for the whole year, Gautam Adani suffered so much loss in 6 days – Gautam Adani 6 days loss equal to GDP of Ethiopia Kenya

केवळ महिन्याभरात गौतम अदानी यांची संपत्ती निम्म्यावर

Gautam Adani: Adani has suffered a loss as much as the GDP of this country in a week. damage calculation New Delhi : American research institute Hindenburg Research (Hindenburg Research) Reporting by Gautam Adani (Gautam Adani) His empire broke. The Adani Group collapsed in the storm that raged for the last ten days. The group … Read more

Today Gold Rate: Despite being cheap, gold continues to rise, how much will the pocket decrease in 10 grams, what is today’s rate? – Know gold price update Know latest price of gold and silver price on 3 February 2023 details

Today Gold Rate : स्वस्त होऊनही सोन्यात तेजी कायम, 10 ग्रॅमसाठी किती खाली होईल खिसा, आजचा भाव काय?

Today Gold Rate: Despite the fall in gold prices, the rise remains intact. What is today’s price? What is today’s price? New Delhi : Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the country’s budget on 1 February (Budget 2023) Presented. In these two days Sonya wore Hanuman Udi. Gold fell after touching the height. But its … Read more

Adani: Not only Adani, the number of these industrialists also decreased! Gautam Adani, Mukesh Ambani, Radhakishan Damani and Savitri Jindal to lose Rs 4.6 lakh crore in January 2023

Adani : घसरगुंडीत केवळ अदानी हेच नाहीत, तर या उद्योगपतींचाही क्रमांक! इतके लाख कोटी झाले स्वाहा

Adani: It was not just the month of January and the new year that was a setback for Adani. So who are the other entrepreneurs in India who got hit hard in January? many people list New Delhi : by Adani Group (Adani Group) About his flagship company Adani Enterprises (Adani Enterprises) Made a big … Read more

Income Tax: Will Income Tax be abolished? Will income tax be removed in India, what is the answer of the central government

Income Tax: The tax structure in the country has often been a topic of discussion, now the central government has answered the question whether the tax system will be rolled up. New Delhi : income tax, income tax in india (Income tax) Will it end? No, no, this is not an election gimmick. This is … Read more

Gautam Adani: Gautam Adani now out of the list of top 20 billionaires, net worth continues to decline after Hindenburg report

Gautam Adani : गौतम अदानी यांचा श्रीमंतांच्या टॉप-20 यादीतूनही पत्ता कट, शेअरमध्ये भूंकप

Gautam Adani: An ant can surprise even a strong elephant, not only India but the world is seeing this today. won’t stop falling New Delhi : A report from the American Research Institute Hindenburg (Hindenburg Report) Adani has created a storm not only in the group but also in India. Since Gautam Adani submitted this … Read more

Gautam Adani: Who is the doctor wife of Gautam Adani? The great social work of Gautam Adani’s doctor wife through Adani Foundation brought light to the lives of many.

Gautam Adani : कोण आहे गौतम अदानी यांची डॉक्टर पत्नी? अदानी फाऊंडेशनच्या माध्यमातून उभारले मोठे सेवा कार्य

Gautam Adani: The dark clouds of crisis may be looming over the Adani group, but his group is also active in social work. New Delhi : The families of many big industrialists in India are pioneers in social work. Industrialists set up foundations in the names of their parents or groups. Various social works are … Read more

Gautam Adani: When Dhirubhai Ambani defeated Black Cobra, there was a bigger fight than Adani and Hindenburg – When Dhirubhai Ambani defeated Black Cobra

Gautam Adani : जेव्हा धीरूभाई अंबानी यांनी केली होती ब्लॅक कोब्रावर मात, अडानी आणि हिंडेनबर्ग पेक्षाही मोठा संघर्ष झाला होता

Black Cobra played an innings like Harshad Mehta with Dhirubhai. But Ambani did not budge. In this fight, he gave such a fight that these cobras agreed to eat coconut. Dhirubhai Image Credit Source: Social Media Mumbai : At this time in the stock market, all eyes are on the shares of Adani Group because … Read more